• Carbon Monoxide sensor

ME2-CO-Ф14-C Carbon Monoxide sensor

  • • Detection Gas: CO, carbon monoxide
  • • Detection Range: 0~1000 ppm
  • • Application: civilian area to detect CO concentration

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Principle Introduction:
Winsen Electronics, produces Carbon monoxide sensor|CO gas sensor, with low cost and fuel cell working principle.
ME2-CO-Ф14-C electrochemical sensor detect gas concentration by measuring current based on the electrochemical principle, which utilizes the electrochemical oxidation process of target gas on the working electrode inside the electrolytic cell, the current produced in electrochemical reaction of the target gas are in direct proportion with its concentration while following Faraday law, then concentration of the gas could be get by measuring value of current.
Applications :
Widely used in civilian area to detect CO concentration.
Technical parameters :
Item Parameter
Detection gas CO
Measurement Range 0~1000ppm
Max detecting concentration 2000ppm
Sensitivity (3~12)nA/ppm
Resolution ratio 1ppm
Response time(T90) ≤30S
Load resistance(recommend) 1000Ω
Repeatability <3﹪output value
Stability(/month) <10﹪
Output Linearity linear
Zero drift(-20℃~40℃) ≤10ppm
Storage temperature -20℃~50℃
Storage Humidity 15%~ 90%RH
Pressure range(kPa) 90-110
Anticipated using life 5 years

Reference Circuit :

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