ZP04 Combustible Gas Detection Module

  • • Detection: 0~25%LEL
  • • Sensor: Flat surfaced semiconductor gas sensor
  • • Application: Home to detect methane leakage

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  • Principle Introduction
Principle Introduction:
ZP04 adopts plat surfaced semiconductor sensor, which has basic functions of household gas leak alarm, electric power light, warm-up light, fault lamp, output signal of alarm lamp; buzzer, relay, output signal of electromagnetic valve; input signal of testing button, canceling warm-up button input.
Applications :
This CH4 gas sensor module can be used for complete device development of household gas leak alarm.
Technical parameters :

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Model ZP04
Detection Gas Natural gas
Detection Range 1~25%LEL
Type of sensor Flat surfaced semiconductor type
Response time < 30s
Resume time < 30s
Working Voltage 9~12 V
Working Current < 80mA
Output To be external connection with 4 LED, 2 buttons,1 buzzer, 1 DC relay and 1 electromagnetic valve
Accuracy ±3%LEL(under 25℃)
Expected Lifespan >2 years
Standard Working Conditions Temperature: -10~55℃
Storage Conditions Temperature: -20~70℃
Dimension 25.4×21.7×22.6mm(L×W×H)

Reference Circuit :

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