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Table Overview for Winsen O2 sensor

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Modle Detection principle Characteristics Target gas Detection range Size

Electrochemical Low consumption,High precision O2 0~25%Vol

Module, electrochemical Supply UART output and analog voltage output; Use for portable and fixed gas detector, various gas detection equipment and occasion. CO,O2,NH3,H2S,NO2,O3,SO2, CL2,HF,H2,PH3,HCL, etc. See manual ø23.5mm*24.5mm

Module, electrochemical Portable and fixed gas detector, various gas detection equipment and situation. CO, H2S, NH3, CL2, SO2, NO2, O2 and other gases See manual ø23.5mm*24.5mm


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O2 sensor Knowledge

Keeping low CO2 level is important for human health, which not only means that the current environment has sufficient fresh air, but also greatly reduce the risk of building syndrome. Winsen CO2 sensor meets RESET standard, which is widely used in control panels or thermostats for HVAC systems.

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ppm: parts per million
ppb: parts per billion
VOL: volume ratio
LEL: lower explosive limit
NDIR: Non-Dispersive Infra-Red



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