Digital Pyroelectric Infrared Sensor RDA226

  • • Digital TTL signal output
  • • Sensitivity, delay time, and light adjustment function
  • • Application: Security product, Human body induction lighting/toys, smart home IOT

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  • Principle Introduction
Principle Introduction:
Digital PIR sensor RDA226, is an integrated design of sensitive element and signal processing chip, packaged sensitive element and IC chip into sensor shield. Sensitive element transfer the human movement signal to high-precision digital chip for data processing. Then the sensor gives digital signal for easy using. 
Applications :
Digital PIR Motion Sensor is widely used in:
Security product
Human body induction toys
Human body induction lamps, and switches
Industrial automation control
Smart home
IOT terminals
Intelligent appliance
Technical parameters :

Tips:For more parameter information, please refer to the latest manual provided by salesman.

Parameter Symbol Min Typical Max Unit Note
Working condition
Voltage VDD 2.7 3 3.6 V  
Current ICC 12 15 20 uA  
Sensitivity VSENS 110   530 uV adjustable
Temperature WST -20   85  
Input enable
High voltage VIH 80     %VDD  
Low voltage VIL     20 %VDD  
Current II -1   1 uA  
Low current IOL 10     mA  
High current IOH     -10 mA  
Block time     2.3   S  
Delay time ONTIME 2   4194 S adjustable
Input adjustment (sensitivity/delay time)
Voltage input range   0   VDD V 0V-1/4VDD
Input bias current   -1   1 uA  
Oscillators and filters
Low filter cut-off frequency       7 Hz  
High filter cut-off frequency       0.44 Hz  
Chip oscillator frequency Fclk     64 KHz  
Reference Circuit :

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