WPAK69 General Type Isolation-Film Pressure Sensor

  • • Pressure Range: -100kPa~0~10kPa…10MPa
  • • Pressure Reference:Gauge Pressure/Absolute Pressure/Sealed Gauge Pressure
  • • Response Time:≤1ms
  • • Working Temperature: -40℃~120℃
  • • Diaphragm material:SS 316L

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  • Principle Introduction
Principle Introduction:
WPAK69 is clamp type pressure sensor with one-stage silicon oil filling technology. Pressure to the diaphragm is transmitted to the pressure chip through silicon oil, and the compensation circuit corrects the pressure signal to a linear electrical signal. The exposed stressed diaphragm on the end face of the clamp directly feels the pressure, which can prevent scaling, unsanitary, viscous pressure blockage and other problems. It is widely used in food, medicine, wine and other hygienic industries and in occasions where the measuring medium may scale.
Applications :
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Technical parameters :

Tips:For more parameter information, please refer to the latest manual provided by salesman.

Detection range




GaugePressure/AbsolutePressure/Sealed Gauge Pressure


Power supply


Can be customized

input resistance

Constant current:2kΩ~5KΩ;

Constant Voltage:3kΩ~18kΩ


Electrical Connection

Pin or Wiring



Compensation Temperature




Working Temperature



Storage Temperature



Insulation resistance



Response Time


Up to 90%FS

 Measuring Medium

 Liquid and Gas


Mechanical vibration



Shock Resistance




10×106(Pressure Cycle)


Reference Circuit :

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