ZE11 Electrochemical Detection Module For ETO

  • • Detection Gas: benzene, dimethyl benzene, ethylene oxide, chloro ethylene
  • • Working Principle: Electrochemical
  • • Output Signal: DAC, UART, voltage signal

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  • Principle Introduction
Principle Introduction:
ZE11 is a general-purpose and high-performance electrochemical module. It can detect the benzene, dimethyl benzene, ethylene, chloro ethylene based on electrochemical principle, it has good selectivity and stability. A temperature sensor is built-in for temperature compensation. It has the digital output and analog voltage output at the same time which facilities the usage and calibration and shorten the development period. It is a combination of mature electrochemical detection principle and sophisticated circuit design, to meet customers’ different detection needs.
Applications :
Petroleum and chemical industry, environment protection filed, detection of benzene、dimethyl benzene、ethylene oxide、chloro ethylene and vinyl benzene
Technical parameters :

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Model No.


Target Gas

benzenedimethyl benzene

ethylene oxidechloro ethylene

Preheat time

3 Min

Response time

60 Sec

Resume time

60 Sec


0.5 ppm

Working Voltage

DC 5.0V±0.1V

Output Data


standard voltage signal

UART Output

Sensor amplified voltage signal

Working Life

2 years

Operating Environment

Temp.: -2050

Humidity.: 15%RH-90RH

(no condensation)

Storage Environment

Temp.: 2025



Reference Circuit :

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