ZPH01 Particles and VOC Module-Manual

  • • Dust sensor and VOC sensor integrated
  • • Output: PWM and UART

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  • Principle Introduction
Principle Introduction:
ZPH01 dust sensor and VOC sensor integrates mature VOC detection technology and advanced PM2.5 detection technology to detect VOC and PM2.5 at the same time. The VOC sensor in this module has high sensitivity to formaldehyde, benzene, carbon monoxide, ammonia, hydrogen, alcohol, cigarette smoke, essence and other organic vapors.PM2.5 detection adopts particle counting principle to detect the particles (diameter ≥1μm).
Before delivery, the sensor has been aged, debuged, calibrated and has good consistency and high sensitivity. This dust sensor module has the PWM signal output, and it can be configured to be UART digital serial interface and customized IIC interface.
Applications :
Air refresher, air conditioner, ventilating device, monitor equipment for environment, smoke alarm &etc.
Technical parameters :

Tips:For more parameter information, please refer to the latest manual provided by salesman.

Model ZPH01
Working voltage range 5±0.2 V DC
Output PWM /UART
Detection Ability VOC Formaldehyde, benzene, carbon monoxide, hydrogen, alcohol, ammonia, cigarette smoke, essence &etc.
PM2.5 particle ≥1 μm diameter
Warm-up time ≤5min
Detection Range for particles 15000 particles /283ml
Working Current ≤150mA
Humidity range Storage ≤90%RH
Working ≤90%RH
Temperature range Storage -20℃~50℃
Working 0℃~50℃
Size 59.47×44.5×20mm
Physical interface EH-2.54-5P
Reference Circuit :

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