Modern Agriculture Industry

Main application and parameters

*Temperature and humidity have close relationship with crop growth process, and they are two main parameters for plastic greenhouse control.
*Crop needs moisture during its growth, and soil aridity detection need dryness sensors.
*Carbon dioxide: Crop growth needs photosynthesis, which has relationship with carbon dioxide, henceforth, and photosynthesis related to carbon dioxide, so controlling the concentration of carbon dioxide is conducive to crop growth.

Main detection method for modern agriculture:
*Carbon dioxide and ammonia gas detection
*CO2 detection mainly adopts solid electrolyte sensors and infrared sensors,which mainly detect 0-5000ppm range, and domestic products occupy main market.
*Ammonia gas detection adopts electrochemical sensors, mainly detect low concentration 0-100ppm.
*Temperature and humidity detection: Mainly use humidity sensors, which can real-time monitor agricultural greenhouses and farms to ensure healthy and durable development of modern agriculture.

Sensors used in agriculture:

Temperature and humidity sensor, CO2 sensor, CO sensor

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NO Product Name Model Detection Gas Detection Range Photo
1 Solid Electrolyte Gas Sensor MG811 CO2 0-10000ppm
2 Humidity Module MZS-001 MZS-002 Humidity  
3 Humidity Sensor MS-Z2 Humidity  
4 Electrochemical Gas Sensor ME3-NH3 NH3 0-50ppm
5 NDIR Gas Sensor MH-Z14 CO2 0-10000ppm