Combustible Gas Detection Industry


 Industry Background:

Currently, there’re more than 600 cities across the country, while only over 300 cities lay gas pipeline. In the future, with main lines construction of West-East Gas Pipeline, our pipeline construction will step into a rapid growth stage.

Detection method for gas industry:
Domestic flammable gases are mainly detected by semiconductor and flat surfaced semiconductor components. At present, domestic products occupy the main market, and their measurement range is normally 0-10000ppm. While municcipal gas company mainly adopt catalytic elements, and detect 100% LEL gases. We mainly use in gas storage, transportation, pipeline safety inspection and other places, and domestic independent brand of infrared gas sensors emerge after 2007, which benefits a lot for high end products detection.

Sensors used in gas industry:
Combustible gas sensor         CO gas sensor                Methane gas sensor

No Name Model Detection Gas Detection Range Photo
1 Semiconductor Gas Sensor MQ series(MQ-2, MQ-4, MQ-5,MQ-6 &etc.) Combustible Gases 300-1000ppm
2 Flat Surfaced Semiconductor Gas Sensor MP series (MP-4, MP-5) Combustible Gases 300-10000ppm
3 Catalytic Gas Sensor(for home use) MC series (MC101, MC102, MC105 &etc.) Combustible Gases 0-100%LEL
4 Catalytic Gas Sensor(for Industrial use) MC series (MC112, MC113, MC114) Combustible Gases 0-100%LEL
5 Thermal Conductor Gas Sensor MD61 Combustible Gases 0-100%VOL
6 NDIR Gas Sensor MH-440D,MH0741A Combustible Gases 0-100%VOL optional
7 Combustible Gas Module ZP01,ZP05,ZP06,ZC01,ZC02 Combustible Gases 0-35%LEL