Livestock -Husbandry Industry Solution


Livestock -Husbandry

Combine IOT technology with livestock husbandry, we can monitor and adjust livestock grown environment in time, to achieve high-performance culture and reduce labor costs greatly.

Winsen knows that areas in which livestock are housed can be hostile as far as standard gas sensing solutions are concerned.
The climate in livestock facilities influences the well-being and health of humans as well as that of the livestock respiratory, digestive and behave disorders are more likely to occur in facilities in which the climatic conditions are not up to standard.

By monitoring livestock grown environment/climate, we can do the husbandry scientific and efficient.
Then how IOT technology sense the livestock environment changes??

It usually contains of


Sensor Model


Temperature & Humidity Sensing


说明: MS-Z2(1)

CO2 Monitoring


说明: MH-410D

Ammonia Sensing


说明: ME3-NO2

H2S Detection


说明: ME3-H2S

Winsen, as a professional gas sensing solution provider, have developed and manufactured various gas sensors for over 30 years. We can also supply the whole gas sensing solutions and OEM/ODM service based on your requirement.