PM2.5 sensors can effectively improve sleep quality for indoor dust detection


The study found that mimicking the natural environment, such as when it's raining, or listening to the sounds of wind, water and birds in nature, can make people feel more relaxed and more likely to fall asleep.And air purifier can not only purify all kinds of pollutants in indoor air, including PM2.5, formaldehyde, virus and bacteria, to create a safe environment for you, but also simulate the natural environment to a certain extent, such as purifying indoor air, releasing negative ions, and promoting the coordination between people and the room to a certain extent.

A person's lifetime, sleep time accounted for 1/3, high-quality sleep will let our brain and body get rest, help eliminate fatigue, stable mood, restore physical strength.However, with the quickening pace of life, insomnia has become more and more people's problem.In fact, using air purifiers equipped with PM2.5 sensors and VOC sensors can improve sleep quality to some extent.

The PM2.5 sensor commonly used in air purifiers is the PM2.5 sensor based on the laser principle. Weisheng technology ZH03B laser PM2.5 sensor USES the principle of mie scattering to detect the dust particles in the air, with good consistency and stability.With serial port output and PWM output, it can detect dust particles with a minimum resolution particle diameter of 0.3 m.