Welcome To Beijing Air Purification Exhibition A5021

During Aug. 23 - 25, Winsen will be invited to participate in “5th Beijing Air Purification Exhibition” in National Convention Center in Hall E1+E2+N5, of which booth No. is A5021. By then, Winsen will bring sensor "product + application solution + demonstration tooling" and show its strength.

This exhibition is held by "Chinese Environmental Science Society Indoor Environment and Health Branch", and gain support from industry academic organizations, associations and allies, etc. The number of exhibitors will exceed 300, reaching 80% of the number of this industry in China. By then, the industry elites like distributors, agents and buyers will gather in Beijing.

Winsen has been focusing on sensor’s research and development, production and also marketing. It provides customers with a complete set of solutions, and is the largest supplier of gas sensors in China.

Especially in the field of environmental protection, Winsen has been working on it for many years, and finally brings a variety of sensor models of high end sensors for CH2O, CO2, VOC and other pollutants, and also developed some products for dust and O3, for which are mainly used in air purifier, fresh air system, portable instruments, air quality monitoring, air conditioning, smart home appliances or so.

In 2016, Winsen brought its latest environmental field MEMS sensor and module and attended “4th Air Purification and Fresh Air System Exhibition”. With exquisite appearance, small size and accurate measurement, this MEMS product attracts large amount of people and had a marvelous influence.

In 2017, Winsen will bring some more exquisite sensors/modules and demonstration tooling, thus to bring better experience for customers.

Winsen has already provided whole set of gas sensing solutions for hundreds of enterprises in air purifying or ventilation field by now. With exclusive sensors inside, these air purification products can achieve accurate measurements. In future, Winsen endeavors to popularize its sensors in all the purifying equipment.

23th~25th, Aug. 2017
Winsen waits for you in CNCC
(China National Convention Center)
5th Beijing Air Purification Exhibition
Booth No.: A5021 of Hall E1