Carbon Monoxide (CO) Poisoning Prevention In Car

40 year-old Ms Huang is learning driving for a driver license in Hankou City recently. At 1:30 pm of 17th July, she practiced driving with her coach at the temperature of 40℃. Due to hot weather, she closed the car’s window tightly. After one hour, Ms Huang lost consciousness and her coach also felt giddy. At first, they thought it was caused by high temperature and just had a rest indoor with air conditioner.
However, the uncomfortable symptom didn’t disappear, but became worse and worse. Ms Huang even through up with convulsion and gatism and her coach also swirled. Then they were sent to hospital. It turned out that they were CO gas poisoned. What a dangerous event!

Why does this happen? Experts tell us the reasons as follow.
When the car is working, the oil is burned incompletely which will generate much CO gas. If people in car close windows tightly and turn on air conditioner with internal air recycle, the concentration of CO gas gets higher and higher. Carbon monoxide gas is a kind of toxic gas which may lead to discomfort even death. The similar tragedy turns up every summer, many people lost their life because of this.

Someone did a simulated experiment and let us check the test data.
A normal car was selected. Close all the window tightly and turn on the air conditioner with internal air recycle. Put a CO gas detector in the car to monitor the concentration in real-time.
In 0 min, the CO gas concentration in car was 0ppm
In 1 min, the CO gas concentration in car was 5ppm
In 3 min, the detector began to alarm
In 5 min, the CO gas concentration in car was 65ppm and the detector alarmed continuously
In 15 min, the CO gas concentration in car was 70ppm and the detector alarmed continuously
In 25 min, the CO gas concentration in car was 91pm and the detector alarmed continuously.
The tester went into the car and stayed there for one minute, he felt obvious unwell.

Besides, experts remind people to avoid CO2 gas poisoning. The room in car is small and limited, if there is no ventilation, CO2 concentration will become higher gradually because of breathing. Generally, people will be CO2 gas poisoned lightly at 1% CO2, has difficulty to breath at 3% CO2, may die at 6% CO2.

In order to ensure safety, please don’t stay in car without any ventilation for long time. If you have to, be sure to ventilate at regular intervals.
Besides, CO gas sensor installed carbon monoxide gas alarm, and CO2 sensor is essential!