The Application Of PIR Sensor In Smart Home

The application of PIR sensor in smart home

In smart home field, pyroelectric sensors are widely used in intelligent lighting, security, and intelligent welcome aspects.

Smart Lighting:
Infrared automatic PIR sensor light
Using battery power supply, PIR sensors are easily used in entrance, bathroom, corridor, and other temporary lighting places.
Compared to sound-control lights, pyroelectric sensor has better anti-jamming effect. Only sensitive to human body temperature. To light, when person come, and light off when person leave.

Sensory Switch:
The PIR motion sensor adopts high-performance infrared detector. As long as human cross through its detection range, the infrared switch generates an electrical signals.

Intelligent security- burglar alarm
Wireless infrared detection alarm, uses advanced signal analysis and processing technology. When the intruder enters through the detection area, it sends alarm signal to control panel.
The PIR sensor is suitable for home, residential area, factory, shopping mall, warehouse, and offices.