Combustible Gas sensor plays an important role in household gas safety

 Household gas alarm can also be called gas alarm, which is a kind of small gas safety products suitable for family use.The gas alarm can detect the concentration of combustible gas in the area, and install it in the place where gas leakage may occur. When the concentration of gas in the air exceeds the set value, the combustible gas sensor will be triggered to generate an alarm.Household gas alarm can effectively avoid explosion, fire, poisoning and other safety accidents caused by gas leakage, and has been widely used in most countries and regions.
The popularity of natural gas (natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, artificial gas) has provided convenience for the citizens and improved their quality of life.But, in the process of using gas, gas explosion caused by gas leakage, etc, the limited space within the incomplete combustion of carbon monoxide poisoning accidents have occurred, such as to people's life and property security poses a serious threat, so the safe use of gas, is an important priority work.Gas leakage alarm is a very important safety equipment for gas use. It is an important guarantee for the safe use of gas.The combustible gas sensor is one of the core components of the gas alarm, and also a more important part of the household alarm.