Intelligent development of PIR sensor


With the development of science and technology, computer microprocessors, modern digital signal processing technology, new semiconductor materials and manufacturing technology, pyroelectric infrared sensors will develop rapidly.

Pyroelectric infrared sensor technology is one of the fastest developing technologies in recent years. Infrared sensors have been widely used in many fields such as aerospace, astronomy, meteorology, industry, military and civil, playing an irreplaceable role.

Infrared ray is actually a kind of electromagnetic radiation wave, whose wavelength range is approximately within the spectrum range of 0.78~1000M. It is the light other than red light in visible light, so it is named as infrared ray.Anything above absolute zero radiates energy in the infrared into outer space.

Infrared sensing technology is a sensing technology that USES infrared radiation to realize relevant physical measurement.

In recent years, the development trend of infrared sensors mainly focuses on the following aspects:

1. Development of new materials and processing technologies:

With new materials and processing technology, the infrared detection rate of pyroelectric infrared sensor is improved, response wavelength is increased, response time is reduced, pixel sensitivity and pixel density are higher, interference is higher, and production cost is reduced.Companies such as PYREOS and IRISYS have come up with new pyroelectric sensing technologies that combine thin film and ceramic, enabling arrays of sensitive components.


2. Large-scale and multi-functional pyroelectric infrared sensor:

With the development of micro-electric technology and the continuous expansion of the application field of sensors, pyroelectric infrared sensors are developing from small and single function to large and multi-function.

Developed by a foreign large infrared sensor (16 * 16 to 64 * 64 pixels) in addition to the temperature field measurement can be performed, will be awarded the advanced, small infrared sensors do not have the function of human body detection (can pinpoint the individual position in space, that is, people don't activities, can also be identified) or in a large area of security monitoring, and other functions, is very suitable for home automation, health care, security protection, etc.In addition, the development of new multispectral sensors greatly improves the functionality of the infrared imaging array.

3. Intelligent sensor:

New intelligent pyroelectric infrared sensors usually have multiple microprocessors built in, which greatly improves the stability, reliability, signal-to-noise ratio, convenience and other performance of the sensor.