How to use alcohol sensor to ensure your travel safety?


According to WHO statistics, in recent years, about 1.25 million people died in traffic accidents every year in the world, with an average of 3500 deaths per day. 50% - 60% of traffic accidents are related to drinking and driving, which has been listed as the main cause of death in traffic accidents.

In order to improve the efficiency and initiative of drunk driving control, safety technical equipment such as alcohol locks and vehicle alcohol detectors have been promoted and applied in various countries.

It is reported that alcohol locks have been widely used in the United States, France, Australia and other countries. Since 2021, the EU has enforced the vehicle alcohol locking system. It is required that all new vehicles should have built-in connection ports equipped with alcohol testers before May 2022. The Japanese police agency also announced recently that since October 2022, enterprises that use multiple "white license plate" (private cars) vehicles to transport their own goods will be obliged to use an alcohol detector to confirm whether drivers drink alcohol every day.

From 2022, the world will gradually enter the era of "zero drunk driving".

The alcohol tester, called the "Alcohol Ignition Interlock", is an electronic breath test interlock that is installed next to the dashboard in front of the steering wheel and connected to the engine ignition system. Before driving, the driver must take a breath test. If the exhalation alcohol test value exceeds the safety standard, the igniter will be locked and the engine cannot be started, so as to protect against drunk driving.

This method of detecting alcohol content in exhaled breath refers to an instrument that converts alcohol gas into a current or voltage signal through a certain sensor, thereby realizing quantitative analysis of the alcohol content in exhaled breath.

According to the measurement principle, alcohol sensors are mainly divided into semi conducting type and electrochemical type.

1.semi conducting alcohol sensor-MQ303B

semiconductor type alcohol sensor, with low cost;
high sensitivity, quick response and resume;
widely used for portable alcohol detector;

2.Electrochemical alcohol sensor-ME2-C2H50H

electrochemical type alcohol sensor, with high accuracy;
low consumption, high precision, and excellent repeatability;
widely used for high-end police use and environmental protection type alcohol detection;