Portable non-spectroscopic infrared absorption type carbon dioxide sensor is urgently needed in the market


Carbon dioxide (CO2) is one of the important components of the atmosphere, and is closely related to people's production and life.At the same time, it also in the growth of plants and animals environment plays a very important role. With the continuous development of science and technology and people's living standard is increasing day by day, and people's increasingly attention to environmental protection, in air conditioning, agriculture, medical, automotive and environmental protection, etc., for quantitative monitoring of the concentration of CO2 gas and control become a profit growth of demand, develop high sensitivity, good selectivity and stability, miniaturization, portable CO2 gas sensor has become an urgent task.

Weisheng technology infrared absorption portable CO2 gas sensor is characterized by its wide measurement range, high sensitivity, fast response time, good selectivity, strong anti-interference ability, low cost, etc., which caters to the development direction of gas sensor and has a wide application prospect.