Factors to consider when purchasing gas alarms and combustible gas sensors


We know that household combustible gas detector, or combustible gas alarm, the most critical performance index is not only required to detect the gas has a higher sensitivity, but also must have a higher stability and anti-interference.Because of the combustible gas sensor used in the alarm, there will be different degrees of drift tendency in the use process.Therefore, it is very difficult to manufacture high performance and high quality gas alarm.At this time, the purchase of a good quality combustible gas alarm is particularly important.

So what sensor-related factors should users consider when choosing to buy a gas alarm?In short, there are two main points.

Type of gas

The first is the gas type.Users need to buy equipment according to the type of gas used. The gas alarm is generally not universal. Due to the different components of gas in different regions, the gas alarm should be calibrated and tested with local gas components.

Generally speaking, natural gas should be used in natural gas occasions, artificial gas should be used in artificial gas occasions, liquefied petroleum gas should be used in liquefied petroleum gas occasions or liquefied petroleum gas calibrated universal combustible gas detection alarm.

The service life of the sensors

Users should pay attention to the long-term stability and service life of the gas alarm when they choose to buy it.In general, combustible gas alarm built-in combustible gas sensor and other detection components and compensation components of the service life.On gas sensors, Hui sheng technology MP - 4 sensor is commonly used in gas sensors are gas alarm products, in a wider range of concentration of methane has a good sensitivity, with strong anti-interference ability, low power consumption, fast response recovery, good stability, long service life, the advantages of low cost, simple drive circuit, life can be up to 10 years.