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Winsen's First Day at Sensor+Test 2023 (05/09-11, May)

SENSOR+TEST – the leading international trade fair for sensor, measuring and testing technology – opens its doors again in Nuremberg on Tuesday, 9 May 2023. Until 11 May 2023, around 350 exhibitors will inform visitors and experts from all over the world on site about the trends in the industry.

Winsen received many visitors coming from the world at our booth on the first day! A lot of new customers showed great interest on our sensors samples and planned afterward visit to Winsen headquarter in near future. Increasing visitors are to expect in the coming two days. Keep your focus on our news page!

Winsen Booth No.: 1-526

(Sensor+Test, 09-11,May2023)

Let's take a look at what sensors Winsen brought at this exhibition.


Security sensors refer to sensors used for security and monitoring, and are widely used in households, industries, businesses, and public places. Security sensors can sense changes in the surrounding environment, such as temperature, humidity, light, sound, smoke, gas, etc., and realize monitoring and control of the environment by connecting with the security system. Winsen safety protection sensors are classified according to the detected gas: carbon monoxide (CO), combustible gas (methane, propane, LPG, etc.), in addition, passive infrared motion detection (PIR motion sensor) is also an important component of safety protection sensors.

  • ME2-CO-Ф14x50-C Carbon Monoxide Sensor
  • GM-702B MEMS Carbon Monoxide Gas Sensor
  • MQ-2 Semiconductor Sensor for Flammable Gas
  • MC226A Catalytic Flammable Gas Sensor
  • RD-626W Pyroelectric Infrared Sensor
  • ZRD-09 PIR Motion Sensor Module


Winsen industrial sensor solutions are suitable for portable and fixed detectors and IoT systems in mines, metallurgy, power plants, chemicals, tunnels and other places. It can realize real-time monitoring and intelligent judgment and alarm for the leakage of dangerous gases (toxic and harmful gases, flammable and explosive gases) and exhaust emissions in the factory area and operating environment, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of safety accidents, ensure the safe production of enterprises and the safety of the staff.

Winsen industrial safety sensors include carbon dioxide (CO2), toxic gas, oxygen (O2),combustible gas, and PID sensors

  • 4-in-1 Industrial Gas Detection Module ZCE04B
  • MH-711A Infrared CO2 Gas Sensor
  • Electrochemical Carbon Monoxide Gas Module ZE15-CO
  • MH-441D NDIR Infrared CH4 Sensor
  • MC119 Catalytic Flammable Gas Sensor
  • Electrochemical Detection Module ZE03
  • ME3-H2S Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Sensor
  • Photoionization PID Sensor 4R-PID


The interconnection of sensors and the Internet makes the world digital and intelligent. Remote control of home appliances, automatic ventilation of fresh air system, gas leakage alarm, automatic sensor lights, etc. are making our life more convenient. Winsen smart home and IAQ sensors are mainly used to detect and monitor environmental pollution, indoor environmental parameters and the status of home equipment, realize intelligent control and management, and protect the ecological environment.

Winsen smart home & IAQ sensors include refrigerant, carbon dioxide (CO2), ozone (O3), VOC, dust (PM2.5), formaldehyde (CH2O), temperature and humidity, human body sensing, and air quality modules.

  • MH-Z19C NDIR CO2 Module
  • ZH03B Laser Dust Sensor Module
  • Electrochemical CH2O Detection Module ZE08-CH2O
  • WHT20B MEMS type Temperature and Humidity Sensor
  • ZPHS01 Multi-in-One Sensor Module(TVOC Version)
  • MH-Z1542B-R32 Refrigerant Sensor Module


Sensors play an important role in the construction of smart cities, providing data support for urban management and public services by sensing the urban environment and population behavior. Through the establishment of urban information infrastructure, the intelligent, efficient and sustainable development of urban governance and public services can be realized. Smart city sensors are mainly used to detect the concentration of pollutants in urban air, urban water quality, smart public toilets, underground pipe corridors, and fire protection systems.

Winsen smart city sensors include carbon dioxide (CO2), alcohol(C2H5OH), flame, pressure, water quality, and atmospheric monitoring modules.

  • MH-712B Infrared CO2 Gas Sensor
  • WPAK63 General Type Isolation-Film Pressure Sensor
  • RD-913FB1 Pyro-electric Flame sensor
  • RD-913FB5 Pyro-electric Flame sensor
  • MW-pH101 water quality detection sensor


Winsen medical sensors are mainly used for the monitoring and control of medical devices and medical equipment, with the characteristics of high precision, high stability and high reliability. Widely used in hospitals, clinics and wards to help medical staff improve work efficiency and diagnosis and treatment level.

Winsen medical health sensors mainly fall into three categories: oxygen (O2), thermopile, and flow.

  • MED-O2-LA Oxygen Gas Sensor
  • US1000 Ultrasonic Oxygen Sensor
  • Flow Sensor FR20
  • MRT511 Thermopile Temperature Sensor
  • 13 Carbon Dioxide PbSe Sensor REG-X2212-13CO2


Automotive sensors are mainly used to detect the status and environmental parameters of various parts of the car to ensure the safety, performance and reliability of the car. Winsen vehicle sensors have high shock resistance, long life, and have vehicle-level certification. We provide health-related in-vehicle air quality monitoring, safety-related CO, hydrogen energy leakage detection, battery safety, and alcohol monitoring, etc.

Winsen automotive electronics sensors include carbon dioxide (CO2), thermal runaway, AQS, hydrogen (H2) leakage, dust (PM2.5), etc. And has reached cooperation with many automobile OEMs.

  • MH-V1512A NDIR CO2 Module for Automotive
  • ZM102 AQS Air Quality Module for Automotive
  • ZH30 Automotive Laser dust sensor
  • MRT511 Thermopile Temperature Sensor
  • Electrochemical H2 Module ZE07-H2