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With the rapid development of the new energy automobile industry, the requirements for electronization, automation and intelligence of automobiles are becoming higher and higher. Winsen has passed IATF 16949 Automotive Quality Management System Certification, and has obtained supply qualifications from many well-known automobile manufacturers.

Automotive Sensor Solution include three series of sensor products, such as comfort, safety, and intelligence, providing perfect solutions for automobiles with excellent performance, reliable quality and professional technical service..

Comfort Product Line

Winsen developed automotive comfort products, such as Air Quality Sensor (AQS), Carbon Dioxide Sensor (CO2), PM2.5 Single/Dual Channel Laser Dust Sensor and All-in-one Air Quality Sensor, which can be widely used in traditional and new energy vehicles. They can detect the air quality inside and outside the car in real time, providing passengers with a healthier and more comfortable environment.

Safety Product Line

Winsen developed automotive safety products, such as Hydrogen Leak Sensor, On-line Water Conductivity Sensor, Lithium Battery Thermal Runaway All-in-one Sensor, and Alcohol Detection Sensor. They can sense early, make intelligent judgments, and intervene in advance to avoid unnecessary car safety accidents.

ZC401- Natural Gas Leak Sensor (CH4)
ZC401- Natural Gas Leak Sensor (CH4)
  • Natural gas, liquefied gas, coal gas, alkanes and other flammable gases
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ZEQH-101- All-in-one Lithium Battery Thermal Runaway Sensor
ZEQH-101- All-in-one Lithium Battery Thermal Runaway Sensor
  • CO, CO2, VOC, temperature, pressure
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ZW-HC101- On-line Water Conductivity Sensor
ZW-HC101- On-line Conductivity Sensor
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Intelligence Product Line

Winsen developed automotive intelligent products, such as Light and Rainfall Composite Sensor, Life Legacy Sensor, and Anti-intrusion Sensor, greatly enhance the electronic and intelligent level of cars, and further improve vehicle safety and intelligent configuration.

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