Agriculture & animal husbandry

Accurate agriculture technologies are more spreading in global area. The United Nations predicts that global demand for food will increase by 50 percent by 2050, precision farming techniques for farms of various sizes will be required. New hand portable devices are able to measure plant and soil health, giving farmers the information in need to accurately calculate fertilizer volume. Besides, precision farming can offer many other benefits, such as: reduce fuel and energy consumption, thereby reducing carbon dioxide emissions; reduce nitrogen oxide released from soil by optimizing nitrogen fertilizer usage; reduce chemical use by identifying fertilizer and pest control; eliminate nutrient waste by monitoring soil health; eliminate water waste by maximizing water use efficiency.

In breeding industry, it is very necessary to use the agricultural IoT monitoring system to accurately and real-time monitor the main environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity, and harmful gas concentration. The regulation of the breeding conditions can greatly improve the management efficiency of livestock and poultry houses. The application IoT technology based on sensing solutions in livestock and poultry breeding is of great significance for reducing pollution and improving the quality of livestock and poultry.

1.Granary monitoring

Grain is a basic provision for human life, and the storage and preservation of grain is a major event related to national livelihood. According to the actual demand of the smart granary, Winsen has developed a set of solution for the detection of PH3 produced during fumigation of the granary, which is widely used in the gas monitoring equipment of the smart granary.

  • Low power consumption
  • High precision
  • Strong anti-interference ability
Model Detection principle Detection gas Detection Range

Electrochemical PH3 0-10ppm, Max 20ppm

2.Agricultural greenhouse

The application of sensors has provided a great help to agriculture in scientific production, and production analysis. The emerging new agricultural production mode of adjusting conditions of crop production is realized by the greenhouse and the corresponding supporting equipment. Winsen has developed and produced a series of infrared optical carbon dioxide sensors suitable for planting greenhouses, which can perform well without interference of water vapor.

  • Low power consumption
  • Anti-water vapor drying, no poisoning
  • Specially for agriculture and animal husbandry monitoring equipment
Model Detection principle Detection gas Detection Range

NDIR CO2 400~10000ppm optional

NDIR CO2 400~10000ppm optional

1、Low cost, Low power consumption, Small sizes;2、High sensitivity;3、Standard IIC digital interface Environment relative humidity,temperature Temperature and humidity detection

3.Aquaculture water quality

Aquaculture will usher in a new mode of production with the advancement of technology. As one of the water quality sensor manufacturers, Winsen can provide water sensors for fish farming to monitor dissolved oxygen, pH and ORP indicators. The sensors work on principle of electrochemical with features of low power consumption, simple maintenance and convenient use.

  • Low power consumption
  • High accuracy
  • Special solution of aquaculture water monitoring
Model Detection principle Detection gas Detection Range

It is a galvanic battery type dissolved oxygen water quality detection sensor. Solution 0~20 mg/L

A primary battery type ORP water quality detection sensor. Liquid -2000 mV ~﹢2000 mV

It is an electrochemical PH water quality detecting sensor Liquid 1~14

It is polarographic type residual chlorine water quality detection sensor Solution 0~20 mg/L

4.Smart animal husbandry

Smart husbandry integrates production management, environmental monitoring, intelligent cloud system and IoT technologies to help farmers easily manage their farms and plants, and at the same time straighten out the production process, ensure production safety, and supply reliable meat to consumers.

  • Low power consumption
  • High accuracy
  • Special solution of husbandry monitoring
Model Detection principle Detection gas Detection Range

Electrochemical NH3 0-100ppm, Max 200ppm

Electrochemical H2S 0-100ppm, Max 500ppm