Air purification

As people pay more and more attention to air quality and health problems imposed by air pollution, the demand for air purification equipment has gradually increased. Air purifiers, fresh air system and HVAC system have become the smart devices indispensable in many indoor places.

1.Air purifier

The frequent trouble of haze and smog has accelerated people’s improvement of air pollution problems. In recent years, air purifying products are widely used in living and working sites. Various types of sensors are also widely used in purification, such as PM2.5 sensor, air quality sensor, formaldehyde sensor, temperature and humidity sensors, etc. With the development and application of sensing technology, the performance of air conditioners and purifiers have been comprehensively improved, further realizing comfort, safety and energy saving. For the field of purifiers, Winsen Electronics provides a variety of products such as particle sensors, air quality sensors, formaldehyde sensors, etc. as well as professional sensing solutions and service.

  • Quick response, high sensitivity
  • Multiple solutions of inlet and outlet directions
  • Provide multiple integration solutions
Modle Detection principle Detection gas Detection Range

ZPH02 Particles and VOC " Module,semiconductor, NDIR dust Dust PM2.5, VOC VOC is 5 level Output

Module,semiconductor formaldehyde, benzene, carbon monoxide, hydrogen, alcohol, ammonia, smoke of cigarette, essence &etc. Output 0-3 grade pollution signal

Semiconductor C2H5OH、smoke、iso-butane、CH2O 10-1000ppm(C2H5OH)

Semiconductor air quality,alcohol,smoke,formaldehyde,toluene,acetone,benzene,lighter gas,paint &etc. 1-50ppm

Semiconductor、MEMS VOC、C2H5OH、CH2O、C7H8 1-500ppm

Module,semiconductor,MEMS VOC 0-5ppm

1、Low cost, Low power consumption, Small sizes;2、High sensitivity;3、Standard IIC digital interface Environment relative humidity,temperature Temperature and humidity detection

Module, electrochemical, semiconductor VOC sensor, laser particle sensor, NDIR CO2 sensor and temperature & humidity sensor CO2, PM2.5, CH2O, VOC, Temperature, Humidity CO2: 0-5000ppm; PM2.5: 0-1000μg/m³; CH2O: 0-1.6ppm; VOC: 4 level; Temperature: 0-65℃ (Accuracy±0.5℃); Humidity: 0-100%RH (Accuracy±3%)


Due to the advantages of ozone disinfection with strong efficient disinfection and sterilization, and no pollution residue, ozone disinfection machines have gradually entered people's life. The household ozone sterilizer can sterilize the specific space of the family, and can also sterilize vegetables, pork, chicken, odor, formaldehyde, etc. in daily life.

However, although ozone has obvious killing effect on many germs, molds, viruses and fungi, the control of ozone concentration in the machine is very important. When the concentration is too low, the disinfection and sterilization effect cannot be achieved; if the concentration is too high, it will cause human poisoning. So it is necessary to use an ozone sensor for real-time monitoring, while ensuring effective disinfecting and physical health.

Regarding the choice of ozone sensor, Winsen recommends electrochemical ozone sensor products with good selectivity and stability. This general-purpose and miniaturized product can be widely used in disinfection cabinets, smart home equipment and other places, ideal for concentration monitoring.

  • Low power consumption, high sensitivity
  • Miniaturized size, good for integration
  • Multiple output methods, easy to use
Modle Detection principle Detection gas Detection Range

Module, electrochemical O3 0~10ppm

Module, electrochemical O3 0~10ppm

Module, electrochemical O3 0~100ppm


The addition of various sensors makes the intelligent control of HVAC system the mainstream development direction. Like air quality sensors, PM2.5 sensors, carbon dioxide sensors, formaldehyde sensors, temperature and humidity sensors, and ozone sensors have become standard in the systems. One way is to make a separate detectors to visually display various monitoring index data in real time, and then realize the linkage control of HVAC system through wireless; another way is to realize the automatic start and stop of the the system by integrating sensors.

Various sensors such as carbon dioxide sensors and air quality sensors independently developed and produced by Winsen are widely used in fresh air systems and can monitor the air quality in real time.

  • Low power consumption, long work life, good cost
  • Multiple output methods, easy to use
  • High sensitivity, good repeatability
Modle Detection principle Detection gas Detection Range

non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) principle CO2 400~10000ppm optional

non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) principle CO2 400~10000ppm optional

non-dispersive infrared(NDIR)principle CO2 400~10000ppm optional