Automotive Electronics Solution

In the automotive field, Winsen sensor solutions include air quality detection, drunk driving monitoring, fatigue driving warning, life detection, battery safety monitoring, hydrogen energy safety monitoring and other customized solutions. Winsen continues to use advanced sensor technology to provide professional solutions for the innovation of automobile industry, create value for customers, and win-win future with customers!

1.Vehicles CO detection

With the rapid increase in car ownership, how to ensure the safety of vehicle running and the safety of drivers and passengers has become one of the social problems that need to be solved urgently. Among them, carbon monoxide(CO) produced in the vehicle running is one of the biggest safety. Carbon monoxide produced by incomplete combustion of automobile fuel will pollute the air environment, and the high concentration may cause human death, therefore carbon monoxide sensor on the car is one of the indispensable sensors.

  • Ultra-low consumption automotive sensors
  • Long work Life
  • High sensitivity,High resolution
Model Detection principle Detection gas Detection Range

Semiconductor CO 10-500ppm

Semiconductor CO 50-1000ppm

ME2-CO φ20×16.4
Electrochemical CO 0-1000ppm,Max 2000ppm

Module, electrochemical CO 0~500ppm

Module, electrochemical CO 0~500ppm

2.Vehicles alcohol detection

According to the data of World Health Organization(WHO), about 50% to 60% of traffic accidents are related to drunk driving, and this harmful behavior has become the number one cause of traffic accidents. The latest EU regulation stipulating from May 2022 that new cars sold in the EU will be mandatory to install built-in breath alcohol detection and speed limiters mainly aims to reduce and control the accidents. If a driver who fails the breathalyzer test attempts to tamper with the system, the built-in chip will automatically alarm. The breathalyzer test system also collects data and triggers the system at regular intervals to prevent drunk drivers from cheating. This device needs an alcohol sensor to detect and measure alcohol concentration.

  • Excellent anti-interference capability
  • Excellent linear output
  • Highly stable
Model Detection Range Detection principle CHARACTERISTICS Size

Electrochemical Alcohol(C2H5OH) 0-1mg/L, Max 2mg/L

Module, electrochemical Alcohol 0~5 ppm

Module, electrochemical Alcohol 0~5 ppm

3.Cabin air quality detection

When people open the door of a new car, there will be strong smell of plastic and rubber, and if you sit in the car for a long time, it might even cause passengers to vomit or faint. The smell is mainly derived from the interior decorations, including instrument panel, doors, seats a series of plastic parts and leather coverings. For the cladding parts, the plastic skeleton and the leather are bonded by glue which contains a series of pungent odors such as benzide and glass uric acid. These items will emit formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances after exposure to sun. The air quality in the car is also essential to people's health, and gradually become one of people’s concern. Sensors for target gases can be used to measure the concentration and output signals for further process of purifying or alarming.

  • Accurate data
  • Low consumption for automotive use
  • Small size, easy to integrate
Model Detection Range Detection principle CHARACTERISTICS Size

ZPH02 Particles and VOC " Module,semiconductor, NDIR dust Dust PM2.5, VOC VOC is 5 level Output

1、Low cost, Low power consumption, Small sizes;2、High sensitivity;3、Standard IIC digital interface Environment relative humidity,temperature Temperature and humidity detection

Semiconductor、MEMS VOC、C2H5OH、CH2O、C7H8 1-500ppm

Module,semiconductor,MEMS VOC 0-5ppm

Module,semiconductor formaldehyde, benzene, carbon monoxide, hydrogen,alcohol, ammonia, smoke of cigarette, essence Output 0-3 grade pollution signal

Module,semiconductor formaldehyde, benzene, carbon monoxide, hydrogen, alcohol, ammonia, smoke of cigarette, essence &etc. Output 0-3 grade pollution signal

Semiconductor C2H5OH、smoke、iso-butane、CH2O 10-1000ppm(C2H5OH)

Semiconductor air quality,alcohol,smoke,formaldehyde,toluene,acetone,benzene,lighter gas,paint &etc. 1-50ppm

Module, electrochemical, semiconductor VOC sensor, laser particle sensor, NDIR CO2 sensor and temperature & humidity sensor CO2, PM2.5, CH2O, VOC, Temperature, Humidity CO2: 0-5000ppm; PM2.5: 0-1000μg/m³; CH2O: 0-1.6ppm; VOC: 4 level; Temperature: 0-65℃ (Accuracy±0.5℃); Humidity: 0-100%RH (Accuracy±3%)

4.Battery safety inspection

In recent years, the energy problem of automobiles has become a global concern, and the development of new energy powered vehicles has become an inevitable trend. Some governments have gradually increased their support for whole electric vehicles. For the power battery, safety monitoring as well as the response to emergencies have become the focus of the new energy automobile industry, and relevant sensor solutions are applied to monitor battery safety.

  • High sensitivity
  • Long work life
  • Provide multiple output methods
Model Detection Range Detection principle CHARACTERISTICS Size

Module, electrochemical Battery leakage comprehensive gas 0~1000ppm

5.Alcohol detector

Since 2000, with the rapid development of China's economy and the rapid improvement of people's living standards, China has gradually entered the "automobile society", and alcohol is becoming an increasingly murderous "road killer". According to relevant statistics, more than 600,000 people die in car accidents in the world every year, leaving more than 4 million permanently disabled, and countless people are injured in general. In addition, the economic losses caused by traffic accidents are quite staggering. To investigate and control this problem, there will be need of detecting equipment. Detector with alcohol sensor is an effective tool to measure the alcohol content.

  • High sensitivity
  • Long work life
  • Provide multiple output methods
Model Detection Range Detection principle CHARACTERISTICS Size

Semiconductor C2H5OH 20-500ppm

semiconductor C2H5OH 25-500ppm

Electrochemical Alcohol(C2H5OH) 0-1mg/L, Max 2mg/L

Electrochemical Alcohol(C2H5OH) 0-1mg/L, Max 2mg/L

Semiconductor、MEMS Ethanol vapor 1-500ppm

6.Hydrogen energy safety monitoring

China's new energy vehicle market has developed rapidly since the promotion of new energy vehicles. According to data from the Passenger Car Association, retail sales of new energy vehicles and passenger vehicles in May were 92,000 units, an increase of 34.3% month-on-month and a year-on-year surge of 159.1%. Hydrogen energy is regarded as one of the most promising clean energy sources in the world, and is considered by many countries, car companies and scholars to be the "ultimate new energy vehicle solution". With the continuous growth and improvement of hydrogen energy vehicle technology, the future market are broad. Hydrogen is colorless and odorless and thus difficult for people to discover, so it is necessary to use a hydrogen sensor to monitor the concentration. Hydrogen sensors must be required to have the advantages of fast response and high accuracy.

  • Long work life
  • Good cost
  • High sensitivity
Model Detection Range Detection principle CHARACTERISTICS Size

Semiconductor H2 100-1000ppm

7.Tire pressure monitoring

In order to ensure the driving safety of cars, many car tires are equipped with pressure sensors to detect the change of pressure. According to relevant statistics, when tire pressure reaches a reasonable value, it not only can improve driving safety, but also can lower fuel consumption. Automotive sensors are growing rapidly in recent years, stimulated by development of automotive industry. Advanced manufacturing and process technology improve the sensor performance, and tire pressure monitoring is more and more accurate.

  • Small size high integration level
  • Good repeatability
  • Fast response
Model Detection Range Detection principle CHARACTERISTICS Size