Winsen ZRT510 Infrared Refrigerant Sensor Module Meets UL 60355-1 Requirements

Yesterday, Winsen received the first stage testing compliant report from  SGS  on the its new refrigerant sensor module ZRT510 aimed to detect the leakage of refrigerant gas R454B, more refrigerant R32/R290... can be customized. We are pleased to share this great news to our customers and distributors and present details of this superb module.


ZRT510 is a smart infrared type sensor module, using non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) principle to detect the existence of refrigerant, with good selectivity and non-oxygen dependent. It is a compact high performance sensor module made by combining mature infrared gas detection technology with micro machining and sophisticated circuit design.

It is easy to use with excellent performance:

  • Detection range of 0~50% LFL working under temperature -40~80 ℃ and humidity 0~100% RH
  • It has high sensitivity, high resolution of 0.1% LFL in the defined conditions, and excellent linear output.
  • Great accuracy: 1.±2.5%LFL under the conditions of -20-60℃, 0-95%RH; 2.±5.0%LFL under Others.
  • The temperate compensation corrects undesired temperature influence.
  • Fast response to R454B: reaching alarm point (7% LFL) needs less than 10 seconds under 25% LFL environment.
  • RS485 communication, UART or PWM can be customized as well
  • Self-heating function, anti-water vapor interference, anti-poisoning
  • Excellent stability, long life exceeding 15 years
Figure 1. ZRT510-Dimensions
Figure 2. RS485 Output


ZRT510 is designed to used for leakage of refrigerant gas in the fields of

  • Refrigeration, HVAC system
  • Industrial process and safety monitoring

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