Comparison of Winsen Infrared Dust/Particles Sensors

ZPH01 Air-quality and Particles Sensor has stopped production from 2021 and not recommended any more.

ZPH01B is a model combined of dust and VOC. ZPH02 is the corresponding single dust model.

ZPH03 has a totally different structure and appearance, and it’s not able to replace with other models of Winsen, but able to replace with the same structure of different brands on the market. It has the highest accuracy among Winsen’s infrared dust sensors.

ZPH04 Vs. ZPH04B, these two models have little difference in the aspect of the core elements. The measurement range (standard 0-500μg/m³, can be expanded to 1000μg/m³) is wider than other models. ZPH04B is a customized model and has thinner body than ZPH04.

ZPH03/04/04B have improved capability of anti-interference of Wifi than ZPH02.


  • ZPH01-Stopped production
  • ZPH01B-If you want dust and VOC combined module, ZPH01B is the choice.
  • ZPH02-old model of single dust sensor
  • ZPH03-has the highest accuracy, unique appearance, wide measurement range
  • ZPH04-updated model of ZPH02, wide measurement range
  • ZPH01B/02/04-have same pin positions & definition and program, they can be replaced directly with no need of any change
Technical Specifications
Model Detection Ability for Min. Particles Measurement Range Size(L×W×H)
ZPH01B 1 μm diameter 0-400μg/m³ 59.5×44.5×20mm
ZPH02B Particles 1 μm diameter +VOC (CH2O,C6H6,CO,H2,NH3,C2H5OH cigarette smoke) Particles 0-400μg/m³ 59.5×44.5×17mm
ZPH03 1 μm diameter 4 ~ 500ug/m, can be expanded to 1000μg/m³ 46.0×32.0×18.3mm
ZPH04 1 μm diameter 0-500μg/m³, can be expanded to 1000μg/m³ 59.5×44.5×20mm
ZPH04B 1 μm diameter 0-500ug/m3, can be expanded to 1000μg/m³ 59×45×20mm