Thermopile Infrared Sensor Used in Temperature Detection

The thermopile infrared sensor is an infrared radiation thermoelectric conversion device based on the Seebeck effect. Any object above absolute zero will radiate infrared and the intensity and frequency are proportional to the temperature. When the thermopile chip absorbs the infrared rays radiated by the object, which is converted into a voltage signal through multiple pairs of thermocouples connected in series. The temperature of the object is determined based on the output voltage signal.

The thermopile sensors are mainly used for temperature detection, such as thermometer including foreadmeter and earmeter for human body temperature detection. Besides, they are actually integrated in many household appliances to realize intelligent control.

1. Forehead Thermometer/Ear Thermometer

Thermopile sensors can realize non-contact human body temperature detection and are the core components of non-contact temperature measurement equipment such as forehead thermometers and ear thermometers.


2.Lighting Switch

Thermopile sensors used in lighting device switches mainly detect the presence of the human body to achieve automatic switching. Unlike pyroelectric human motion sensors, thermopile sensor s are able to detect stationary targets.


3.Smart Range Hood

Temperature detection used in range hood can realize automatic function of wind power on/off. When detecting the stove on is on fire, the range hood can be automatically started and off while the stove fire goes out.


4.Intelligent Air Conditioner, Fan

Emerging new functions to avoid direct blowing to human or human targeted blowing can be realized through detecting human position and then control the wind direction accordingly.


5.Smart Stoves

The dry-burnt prevention function can be realized by detecting temperature of pot and switch off stove fire when it reaches the setup temperature to build a safer kitchen. The anti-burnt function will use thermopile sensor for temperature detection.


6.Constant Temperature Hair Drier

Thermopile sensor is used in hair dryer for temperature adjustment according to hair state and protecting head skin form overheating.


7.Smart Oven, Rice Cooker

To detect the temperature of food can realize automatic adjustment the heating power and accurate temperature control, as to obtain the best taste of food.