Understanding Ultrasonic Flow Meters

What is an Ultrasonic Flow Meter?

An ultrasonic flow meter is a device used to measure the flow rate of a fluid by utilizing ultrasonic waves.Ultrasonic flow meters are non-intrusive, meaning they do not require direct contact with the fluid. They are commonly used for measuring the flow of liquids, such as water, chemicals, and oils, as well as gases, in various industries including water treatment, oil and gas, HVAC, and industrial processes. They offer advantages such as high accuracy, wide measuring range, low pressure drop, and minimal maintenance requirements.

Ultrasonic Principles of Operation

Ultrasonic metering is based on the principle of measuring the relationship between ultrasonic propagation time and fluid velocity in the fluid medium. The propagation speed of the signal sent by the ultrasonic sensoiin the fluid medium is synthesized by the propagation speed of the ultrasound and the velocity of the fluidvelocity in the direction of ultrasound propagation. The propagation distance of the ultrasound in themeasurement is a certain value, and the propagation time of the ultrasound is obtained.

t1 - Time of the ultrasound travels downstreamthrough the fluid.
t2 - Time of the ultrasound travels upstream throughthe fluid.
L - Channel length of ultrasound.
C - Speed of ultrasound propagation in fluid.
V - Flow rate of fluid.
S - Cross-sectional area of fluid.
Φ - Angle between the center line of the fluid pipelineand the ultrasonic propagation axis.
Q - Flow.

In view of the difference between the two flight times t1 and t2,the fluid velocity can be obtained by thefollowing formula, and the flow rate can be calculated by adding the cross-sectional area of the pipe section.

The flow rate of the fluid can be obtained as follows:Flow rate V of fluid multiplied by the area S that fluid flows, and you can get thevolume offluid: Q = V*S

Key Benefits of Ultrasonic Flow Meters

  • Non-Invasive Installation: Ultrasonic flow meters are designed for non-invasive installation, meaning that no cutting or drilling of the pipe is required. This reduces installation time and eliminates the risk of leaks or contamination.
  • High Accuracy: Ultrasonic flow meters offer high accuracy, even for fluids with varying viscosities or turbulent flow conditions. The precision of the transit time measurement ensures reliable and consistent flow rate measurements.
  • Minimal Pressure Drop: Ultrasonic flow meters have a minimal impact on the fluid system's pressure, ensuring that the flow characteristics remain unaffected. This makes them suitable for applications where pressure loss needs to be minimized.
  • Wide Range of Applications: Ultrasonic flow meters are versatile and can be used for a wide range of fluids, including liquids and gases. They find applications in industries such as water and wastewater management, oil and gas, chemical processing, HVAC systems, and more.

Winsen Residential Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meter

Target: CH4 methane, Natural Gas, LPG Gas and other combustible gas
Detection principle: Ultrasonic
Characteristics: Low pressure absorption, No mechanical wear, Good repeatability

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Winsen residential/domestic ultrasonic gas meter is a fully electronic speed metering device developed and produced by our company that uses ultrasonic measurement. It is characterized by non-contact, no moving parts, large range ratio, good linearity, high reliability and high measurement accuracy.

Main Application

Home use Residential natural gas flow meter, IC card ultrasonic gas flow meter, household gas flow control


  • Low pressure absorption
  • No mechanical wear
  • Good repeatability
  • Ultra compact
  • No moving parts
  • High measuring precision with more stationary error curve
  • Temperature and pressure compensation
  • Stable operation and long service life without noise
  • Non-magnetic element and measurement not easily affected by magnetic field

Winsen Commercial and Industrial Ultrasonic Flow Meters


Ultrasonic flow meters offer a reliable and non-invasive solution for measuring fluid flow rates. By understanding their principles of operation, considering the factors for choosing the right meter, and following the proper installation procedures, you can effectively incorporate ultrasonic flow meters into your industrial or commercial applications. Enjoy accurate and hassle-free flow rate measurements with this advanced technology.