Traditional fishing ponds like this?

No need of high technology for fish aquaculture?

Let’s find out!

Headaches of Traditional Fish Farms:

People need rich experience to judge the changing environmental conditions and solve partial water quality problems. In order to get exact data, such as dissolved oxygen, PH, residual chlorine, ORP and other water quality indicators, we can only rely on regular sampling and testing, which not only takes much time and labor, but also difficult to grasp the subtle changes in time so as to adjust the aquaculture conditions.

Technologies can solve these problems and make fish aquaculture monitoring much easier!

Smart online detection system of fish aquaculture can help fishermans to monitor the water quality and conditions, sending data of key indicators online in real time through the various sensors.

Smart Aquaculture Monitoring System

A smart aquaculture monitoring system generally consists of a pole water quality monitoring station, an intelligent control system, a video monitoring system, and a comprehensive environmental monitoring cloud platform. To configure various water quality sensors to detect the types, concentration and change trend of pollutants in the water, and conductivity, PH, ammonia nitrogen, dissolved oxygen, residual chlorine, ORP, turbidity, nitrite, various ions and other parameters in the water environment. Real-time monitoring and sending the data to the remote monitoring platform, so that the fish farmers can check and adjust in real time.

Winsen Eelectronics has developed series of water quality sensors with good cost and excellent performance. We also provide professional sensing solutions according to customers demand.

Winsen Water Quality Sensors

Conductivity Sensor

  • Measurement range:0~20000μS/cm
  • Resolution:0.01μS/cm
  • Protection class:Ip68
  • Signal output: 4~20mA/RS485

Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

  • Measurement range:0~20 mg/L
  • Resolution:0.01 mg/L
  • Sensitivity:0.6-1 mV/mg/L(O2)
  • Stability:±0.03 mg/L

PH Sensor

  • Measurement range:1~14
  • Sensitivity:1.1-1.6mV/pH
  • Response time:180s
  • Output: Linear

ORP Sensor

  • Measurement range:-2000 mV ~﹢2000 mV
  • Resolution:1 mV
  • Response time:≤120 s