Enhancing Automotive Intelligence: Winsen's Intelligent Sensor Solutions

In the rapidly evolving automotive industry, the integration of advanced technologies has become essential to enhance vehicle safety and intelligence. Winsen, a leading manufacturer in the field, has developed a range of innovative automotive intelligent products. These products, including the Light and Rainfall Composite Sensor, Life Presence Detection Sensor, and Anti-intrusion Sensor, are designed to elevate the electronic and intelligent capabilities of vehicles, ultimately improving safety and intelligent configuration.

Light and Rainfall Composite Sensor

The Light and Rainfall Composite Sensor developed by Winsen combines the capabilities of light and rainfall sensing in a one sensor. This integration enhances driver visibility and safety in various weather conditions. By accurately detecting ambient light intensity and rainfall, the sensor enables vehicles to automatically adjust lighting conditions and wiper speed, ensuring optimal visibility for the driver. The Light and Rainfall Composite Sensor finds applications in automatic headlight control, automatic wiper control, and intelligent climate control systems, providing significant benefits in terms of driver safety and convenience.

Winsen ZH101 - Light and Rainfall Composite Sensor

Target: Water & Light
Model: ZH101
Detection principle: Total reflection of light
Output signal: CAN/LIN(Customizable)
Response time: 100ms
Notes: IATF16949 compliant

Life Presence Sensor

Winsen's Life Presence Sensor is designed to monitor life presence in the vehicle in real-time. This sensor can be integrated with vehicle systems to enable immediate response in case of emergencies. By continuously monitoring passengers' vital signs such as CO2 level in the space, body temperature, the life presence sensor enhances passenger safety and well-being during travel; It can also be integrated with alarming system to monitor the life especially child and pet left in the car to prevent suffocation tragedy. This innovative sensor can be used in various applications, including intelligent health monitoring systems and emergency response systems, ensuring a safer and more secure journey for all occupants.

Winsen ZHMT101- Life Presence Sensor

Target: Life form
Model: ZHMT101
Detection principle: Infrared thermopile NDIR
Output signal: CAN/LIN(Customizable)
Response time: T90<30s
Notes: IATF16949 compliant

Anti-intrusion Sensor

The Anti-intrusion Sensor developed by Winsen is an advanced detection and alert system that helps prevent unauthorized access to vehicles. By utilizing state-of-the-art sensing technology, this sensor can detect and alert the vehicle owner of any attempts of intrusion or theft. The Anti-intrusion sensor can be integrated with vehicle security systems, providing enhanced protection and peace of mind for vehicle owners. This sensor finds applications in keyless entry systems, security alarm systems, and anti-theft systems, offering significant benefits in terms of vehicle security.

Target: Life form
Model: Anti-intrusion Sensor
Detection range: Detection distance:3m
Detection principle: Infrared pyroelectricity
Output signal: CAN/LIN(Customizable)
Response time: <1s
Notes: IATF16949 compliant

Light Sensor

Winsen's light Sensor utilizes ambient light sensing technology to detect light intensity in front of the vehicle and can output different control signals to automatically control the switching status of the vehicle lights in different lighting environments. This sensor enables automatic control of vehicle lights based on lighting environments, ensuring proper visibility and appropriate lighting conditions. By automatically adjusting the headlights and other lighting systems, the light sensor enhances safety and convenience for the driver. This sensor is commonly used in automatic headlight control systems, improving visibility and reducing the risk of accidents.

Winsen ZH401 - Light Sensor

Target: Light
Model: ZH401
Detection range: 1500~6000lx
Detection principle: Photoelectric conversion
Output signal: Low level/High resistance state(Customizable)
Notes: IATF16949 compliant

Winsen Sensors Benefit Future Developments

Winsen's intelligence sensors showcase their dedication to enhancing the electronic and intelligent capabilities of vehicles. By integrating these intelligent products into vehicles, Winsen is revolutionizing the way we experience driving, ensuring a safer and more intelligent future on the roads. With ongoing industry collaborations and future developments, Winsen continues to pave the way for smart automotive and ultimately benefit drivers, passengers, and the entire automotive industry.