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Pressure Sensors Use in Smart Natural Gas Pipelines

Pipelines are the primary way to transport the natural gas from drilling sites to residential end users or gas stations. There are superior requirement on the closure of the pipeline in case of any leakage might cause hazardous accidents and mass loss due to the combustible and explosive characteristics of natural gas(90% content is CH4 methane). If any leakage might happen, it’s essential to alarm and find leakage location and cause in fast time as to solve it in time.

A large number of accidents show that the main factors leading to pipeline leakage and damage are corrosion, overpressure, excessive flow velocity, construction damage, material defects, etc. How to incorporate the safety of gas pipelines into intelligent management to effectively ensure the "health" of the entire life cycle of the gas pipeline network?

Through the help of Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, big data, industrial Internet, and other information means to collect and process pipeline life cycle data, provide support for intelligent analysis and intelligent decision-making, and use information means to realize pipeline visualization and intelligent management .

With the supporting system, remote monitoring, early warning and fast alarm can be achieved not only for security purpose, but also to intelligent adjustment to meet residential and other use demand. The installation of temperature, flow and pressure sensors in the gas pipeline can monitor the real-time pipeline pressure, flow and temperature parameters in the process of natural gas exploitation, transportation, metering and consuming, which can efficiently guarantee the safe operation of every gas system and is of great importance to realize automatic monitoring of 24 hours, automatic control of the gas pipe network. Safety and security and work efficiency can be greatly increased, operation and maintenance cost can be optimized as well.

Winsen is a sensor manufacturer with almost 30 years of development experience, providing pressure gas sensors, CH4 methane gas sensors, CO carbon monoxide sensor for process and end use monitoring.

WPAK63 General Type Isolation-Film Pressure Sensor

WPAK63 series is a good-cost pressure core encapsulated by high precision imported diffused silicon pressure sensitive chip and mature manufacturing technology. It is the core component for manufacturing pressure sensor and pressure transmitter. As a high performance pressure sensitive element, it can be easily amplified signal and integrated to a transmitter with standard signal output. The silicon isolation technology has good resistance to temperature changes and prevent drift caused by temperature. Rigid test, aging and selection process in our factory ensure high quality of the pressure sensor.

  • Φ19mm standard OEM pressure sensor core, which is replaceable with similar products on the market.
  • All stainless steel 316L package, anti-erosion
  • Wide temperature compensation-10 to +70℃
  • Constant current and constant voltage excitation are optional
  • Normalized output available
  • Glue-filled and moisture-proof circuit board
  • Special needs such as full welded structure, wide temperature compensation, customized shape, extra strong impact and vibration resistance, etc

WPCK05 Diffused Silicon Pressure Transmitter

WPCK05 series diffused silicon pressure transmitter is integrated with high-precision diffused silicon pressure core, the internal special integrated circuit converts the sensor millivolt signal into a standard current signal, which can be directly connected with the computer interface card, control instrument, intelligent instrument or PLC, and the current output mode can be used for remote transmission. It has a variety of advantages like low power consumption, thread design for easy use, etc.

  • Stainless steel structure, multi threads optional
  • Wide temperature compensation-10~+70℃
  • Multi output methods
  • Excellent anti-interference ability
  • High reliability
  • Hi Accuracy, Low consumption

ZP14 Combustible Gas Detection Module

ZP14 adopts plat surfaced semiconductor sensor and it has basic functions of household gas leak alarm: status indicator, buzzer, relay, output signal of electromagnetic valve; it also supplying resetting for alarm point. This module can be used for complete device development of household gas leak alarm.

  • Small size
  • Fast response
  • Serial output
  • Long life of 10 years

ZC05 Methane Module for Home Use

This ZC05 Module adopts catalytic gas sensor and has basic function of home use gas leakage alarm with digital display: supplying digital UART signal and status indication, buzzer, relay, switch signal through solenoid valve output, as well as support alarm point resetting. It is usually used for development of home use natural gas leakage detector.

  • Small Size 25×21.1×17.2mm
  • High Accuracy, high resolution
  • Fast Response; fast restored
  • Wide linear range
  • UART output

ME2-CO Electrochemical Carbon Monoxide Sensor

ME2-CO electrochemical sensor detect gas concentration by measuring current based on the electrochemical principle, which utilizes the electrochemical oxidation process of target gas on the working electrode inside the electrolytic cell, the current produced in electrochemical reaction of the target gas are in direct proportion with its concentration while following Faraday law, then concentration of the gas could be get by measuring value of current.

  • Low consumption
  • High precision
  • High sensitivity
  • Wide linear range
  • Good anti-interference ability
  • Excellent repeatability and stability